Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto is Australia’s biggest lottery. This lotto is formerly known as Tattslotto and is run by the Tatts Group and is one of the most famous and popular lotteries in the country. This is a weekly draw held every Saturday, this day is more popular as monday or wednesday.

saturday lotto aus

How to play Australian Lotto on Saturday?

The concept of Saturday Lotto is simple. Players must choose a range of numbers from a matrix of 1 to 45. The standard bet consists of 6 numbers, but there are side bets with 7 or 8 numbers that increase your chances of winning.

Saturday Lotto is one of Australia’s longest-running and most popular lotteries. The game was first introduced in 1972 and has been a favorite of Australian lottery players ever since. It is run by Tatts Group, one of the largest lottery operators.

Saturday draw in 2024?

A draw is held every Saturday, where six regular balls and two additional complementary balls are drawn at random. To win the jackpot, a player must correctly predict all six regular balls. However, other prize levels are available for guessing fewer numbers, so even if a player does not guess all the numbers correctly, he still has a chance to win a prize.

How big is the jackpot of Saturday lotto?

The size of the jackpot varies from draw to draw, depending on sales and the number of winners. If there is no winner in the draw, the jackpot moves on to the next draw, which can lead to impressive prize pools. The Saturday Lotto is sometimes known for its huge prizes, which can run into the tens of millions of dollars.

Jackpot in 2024

AUD$1 million

In addition to the jackpot, Saturday Lotto offers several other prizes. These depend on the number of correct numbers selected. The draw and results are televised and are also available online for players to view.

Where could i buy tickets for saturday lotto in Australia?

Saturday Lotto is limited to persons 18 years of age and older. Lottery tickets can be purchased at authorized stores throughout Australia, such as supermarkets, gas stations and lottery stores. In addition, players can also purchase lottery tickets online through the Tatts Group’s official website or through the link above.