Powerball lotto Australia

Play Australia Powerball by selecting seven figures from 1-35 as well as an additional number, the Powerball, from 1-20 you complete your tickets online in the same manner that you’d if purchasing your tickets personally in an Australian store.

Powerball is really a lottery run by Nsw Lotteries in Nsw and also the Australian Capital Territory, Tattersalls in Victoria and Tasmania, Golden Casket in Queensland, the South Australia Lotteries Commission, and Lotterywest in Wa.

How You Can Play Oz Powerball:

To experience the Australian Powerball players have to select as many as 8 figures. To win the jackpot players have to match all 8 figures attracted.

  • 7 from the possible 35 (the conventional figures)
  • 1 from the possible 20 (the Powerball number)

Oz Powerball Record Jackpots

The greatest jackpot prize won around the Australian Powerball is presently $150 million AUD. This giant jackpot prize was shared between 3 ticket holders, from Sydney, Queensland and Queensland. This record jackpot was won on 19 September 2019 and at that time was the greatest jackpot ever won around australia.

Powerball is really a lottery game modelled around the highly effective American Powerball game. It’s administered by Tattersall’s, and syndicated to any or all states with the Australian Lotto Bloc. Draws occur on Thursday nights, using the first draw held on 23 May 1996. Each Powerball game costs $1.10 plus agent’s commission, with many states requiring standard games be purchased four at any given time. Powerball guarantees the absolute minimum division one prize pool of $3 million

Make use of your Lucky Figures, manual selection, or random selection (quick pick) to purchase official lottery tickets online, and find out a picture representation of the ticket inside your account prior to the draw with theLotter’s Visit Your Ticket Service.

Australia Powerball is attracted on Thursdays at 10:45am

You’ve probably heard of the Powerball lottery. This game was launched in 1992 and has always been very popular. Perhaps you want to become a Powerball player after hearing positive stories. How do you play this lottery? We tell you all about it in this article!

What is the Powerball Lottery?

Powerball is the biggest Jackpot lottery in Australia. It’s known for having one of the biggest Jackpot prizes in the country. Those who end up in the first division, with the biggest prizes, never ever have to worry about money anymore!

Amazing Jackpots

One big reason for the popularity of the Powerball lottery is the Jackpot. In the first division you have a chance to win a Jackpot worth 3 million dollars and more each week. The amount of money the Jackpot contains rises until someone wins it. In the past the Jackpot has reached an incredible 150 million dollars!

Prize divisions of the Powerball lottery

Another reason for the popularity of Powerball is the cheap prize of a ticket. It only costs 4,85 dollars to play 4 games. Hopefully you’ll end up in the highest prize divisions of Powerball. There are nine of them in total. The prize divisions are based on the number of winning combinations.

An overview of the prize divisions of Powerball:

  • First 7 and the Powerball 134,490,400:1
    Second 7 7,078,443:1
  • Third 6 and the Powerball 686,176:1
    Fourth 6 36,115:1
  • Fifth 5 and the Powerball 16,943:1
  • Sixth 4 and the Powerball 1,173:1
    Seventh 5 892:1
  • Eight 3 and the Powerball 188:1
  • Nine 2 and the Powerball 66:1

How do you win the Powerball lottery?

The basic rule of the Powerball lottery is very simple: you have to choose 7 numbers out of 1 to 35 and one Powerball number out of 1 to 20 in a single game panel. Do your chosen numbers match with the numbers that appear during the Powerball lottery draw? Then you’re the lucky winner. You can already win a prize with two winning numbers and the Powerball.

There are several ways to play Powerball. Many players choose a marked entry, but a ‘Quickpick’, ‘System’, ‘PowerHit’, ‘Pick’, ‘Powerhit System’ or ‘PowerHit Pick’ entry is possible as well. Read about the multiple options before you choose, so that you pick the system that works best for you. For the standard option you have to select seven numbers between 1 to 35 and one extra number between 1 and 20.


Many players chose the QuickPick option because it’s a very easy way to play. It basically means that every number is randomly chosen for you. The number of games is fixed, which makes the game very easy. Others choose the ‘PowerHit’ entry because it guarantees them the winning number of the Powerball lottery. Besides guaranteeing the Powerball , you can also pick 8 to 15 numbers out of the main barrel.

PowerHit Pick 5 or PowerHit Pick 6

There’s also a ‘PowerHit Pick 5’ or ‘PowerHit Pick 6’ option, which is greats as well. It does not only guarantee the Powerball, but also one or two winning numbers during the draw (from the main barrel).

System and Pick Entries

Another way to increase your chance of winning is to choose the ‘System and Pick Entries’. You also have a chance to win money or other great prizes in several prize divisions. A Pick entry is popular among Powerball lottery players as well, since it gives you one or two winning numbers.

Market entry

Perhaps you prefer a so-called ‘market entry’. This means that you can choose how many games you want to play. It’s also up to you which numbers you want to select. It’s even possible to safe them as a ‘favorite’ for the next draw. With this option you can play a maximum of eighteen games. To do so, you must mark a coupon in-store. Or create your own entry on the worldwide web with up to fifty games.

Participate in the Powerball Syndicate

Sometimes it can be great to play with more people. It’s a good way to increase your chances of winning. This can easily be explained: with more players there’s more money to buy a big entry. This automatically increases your winning chances. Are you enthusiastic about this option? Then choose the ‘Powerball Syndicate’ and have fun with your friends, family or acquaintances. Remember that after a win, you have to share the prize money with the other syndicate members.

Syndicate Planning Tool

Did you know that Powerball has a special syndicate planning tool? It’s called ‘SyndiMate’ and works perfectly. You can play with others in your living area or community or join syndicates that already exist.

Play with more numbers with the ‘system entry’

Do you want to play with more than seven numbers out of 35? This is possible as well in the Powerball lottery. Pick the ‘system entry’ so that you can choose from 8 to 20 numbers. This gives you more chances to win money, as well as winning across several prize divisions.

Participate in multiple draws with the multi-week entry

As the name already suggests, you can participate in multiple draws with the ‘Multi-week entry’. It’s possible to play up to ten Powerball draws in a consecutive way. Or choose to play in a future draw, 10 weeks or less in advance.

Buy your ticket on time

Make sure that you buy a Powerball lottery ticket on time, whether it’s online, via the Lott App or in a shop. The draw close time is Thursday at 7:30 p.m. AEST (8:30 p.m. AEDT). After closing, you cannot participate in the lottery draw anymore.

What happens during a Powerball draw?

During a Powerball draw, numbers are drawn from two barrels. Seven of them are numbered 1 to 35 and drawn from the main barrel. One number is drawn from the Powerball barrel, which has the numbers 1 to 20.

Plan draws ahead

Hopefully you’ve succeeded in choosing your favorite Powerball entry. After doing so, you must choose the total number of weeks you want to play and the draws you like to participating in. One of the great things about the Powerball lottery is that you can easily plan the draws ahead. So going on a holiday is no problem at all. Perhaps you return home as a millionaire! Your entry can be scheduled with the ‘Multi-week’ entry, the ‘Advance’ entry or a subscription.

Where do you watch the Powerball lottery draw?

The Powerball lottery draw on Thursday night is always exciting. You can watch it at 8.30 p.m AEST or at 9.30 p.m ADET on Channel 7. It’s also broadcasted on 7TWO and several regional stations. Check your TV guide to find out where you can watch the Powerball lottery draw. Perhaps you have bot been able to watch the broadcast. Don’t worry, because you can check the Powerball numbers via the Lott website after 9:00 p.m. AEST.

How to claim your prize?

Hopefully you’ve won a great Powerball prize. If that’s the case, congratulations! You can claim your prize in the store or online. The location depends on the amount of money you’ve won and the place where you’ve bought the winning ticket.